MODAL syndrome

MODAL syndrome (muscle / eye / digit / aorta / lung)is the term proposed to emphasize that lung tumors in cats with feline digit-pulmonary syndrome (PFPS) not only metastasize to the digits. Although SDPF was initially recognized as an entity characterized by subclinical bronchogenic adenocarcinomas that manifested as metastasis in digital tissue, it is now known that some animals also develop aortic thromboembolism (TEA), vertebral metastases that cause pain or myelopathy, ocular metastases, and muscular metastasis with or without digital involvement. In this retrospective work, the authors present cases that include the classic presentation of the SDPF along with other more cryptic examples. SDPF should be suspected in cats with non-cardiogenic ASD and / or digital lesions, and thorough palpation of the musculature, examination of all digits, a chest X-ray and a biochemical profile (CK) to rule out hidden neoplastic emboli in muscle tissue.

Metastatic pulmonary carcinomas in cats (‘feline lung–digit syndrome’): further variations on a theme. JFMS Open Rep 3(1) 2017


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