We are concerned with offering a personalized, quality and rapid service to Veterinary Clinicians

We are the only Veterinary Pathology Diagnostic Service in Spain under the scientific direction of a pathologist certified by the European College of Veterinary Pathologists (ECVP) (European Board for Veterinary Specialisation). HISTOVET has been recognised as a Registered Training Centre by the ECVP

Quality and rapid histopathology diagnostic service:

  • Tissues are examined by specialized pathologists with long professional experience<
  • Scientific direction accredited by the ECVP
  • Reports available online immediately after transcription

Pre- and post-diagnostic assistance:

  • Guidance on how to take samples
  • Continued telephone assistance by pathologists between 9:30 am until 20:00; backing in the interpretation of biopsy cases and any other aspect concerning Animal Pathology.

Detailed reports, with clinical interpretation of findings, personal opinion and bibliographic references concerning pathogenesis and prognosis of diseases.

Immunohistology, molecular biology and electronic microscopy tests are available for:

  • Diagnosis of neoplasia
  • Identification of infectious agents
  • Specify Prognosis in various neoplastic diseases

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