Histovet is a Veterinary Diagnostic Service that focuses exclusively on Pathology

First diagnostic service in Spain under the scientific direction of diplomate pathologists by the European College of Veterinary Pathologists (ECVP) (European Board for Veterinary Specialisation). We are a ECVP Registered Residency Training Centre

We are not a general laboratory where Pathology is only part of the daily routines. We are specifically focused on Veterinary Pathology, on which we center our continuous training, allowing a highly qualified and specialized service.

We do not diversify our tasks in other laboratory services. We do not invest time in serology, microbiology, allergy or hormones tests. All veterinarians working in Histovet are exclusively dedicated to examining pathology samples, to discussing clinical cases with veterinary clinicians, to assisting our clients on questions or doubts -online or via phone- or to participating in the elaboration of scientific articles. Our main goal is to support the clinician in all those aspects that have to do exclusively with Pathology of Domestic Animals.

We are not Human Pathologists, nor the Veterinary Division of a Human Medicine laboratory. We are not part of a commercial network. We have only one head-office; we are run and managed by the same veterinarians who carry out the diagnostic work and we do not work under a higher-rank manager or for a superior commercial interest.

Our laboratory does not process other diagnostic samples (sera, plasma, swabs, etc.) besides biopsy and cytology specimens. This provides a quicker diagnosis, a more efficient contact with veterinary clinics is achieved and reduces the risk of data loss or misidentification.